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Cover Song Frenzy

Oldies but goodies 


      It wasn't very long ago that a cover song project entitled "Catch 22" was released. It was the first studio attempt of its kind from this artist. When asked why he was motivated to put out such a thing, he replied, "Oldies are still goodies, and if the Mista Roe fans wanna hear me sing oldies, then I'm gonna do the best I can to make them goodies". The response from "Catch 22- The Cover Songs" has been everything Mista Roe had hoped for. He has a way of taking a familiar song & making it his own. 

Promo Tour

Springing back into action


      Things are looking very promising for the Ground Up Records R&B division. Team Mista Roe has recently announced they will be conducting a promo tour that will take place over the majority of the spring season.


      The tour will include several cities and states that range throughout the Southern Region. States like Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee are all on the list for projected appearances by this R&B phenom.

Sticking to the Code

One thread at a time


      "Started from the bottom now we here". These are words that carry on a whole new meaning when speaking of "Code Clothing Company". The sentiment is contagious! Code Clothing CEO "Cash G" says that Code is a way of life. This new face of fashion endorsed Mista Roe a while ago, and that particular endorsement, along with with many other strategic moves, & of course GREAT timing, has paid off significantly.


      Code Clothing is prominent now all over the South, and has recently been worn by several hip hop industry professionals on the Eastern Coast. You too can live a CODE Life... Visit for some Code gear of your own.  


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